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Office biography
Corporate Outline

Environmental Design Organization Co., Ltd. was established by combining Environmental Design Co., Ltd., which was launched by Eizo Oshima and Toshiaki Murakami in 1994, and Design Organization Co., Ltd., which was launched by Toshiro Sato. Based on a graduate of Kyushu University of Arts and Technology (currently Kyushu University), we are particular about the place of Kyushu from the perspective of "design" without being bound by the fields of conventional architectural design and city planning, and comprehensive design in an atmosphere like a graduate school. It is an office aiming for.

Kankyo Design Kikoh (KDK) Co. was established in 1994. The three founders graduated from Kyushu Institute of Design, Department of Environmental Design. From large scaled urban design to small scaled interior and display design, we have tried to collaborate with various design professions to seek for the integrated environmental design.

Company Profile
Corporate Profile

Company name Environmental Design Organization Co., Ltd.

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Location 1-11-16 Akasaka, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka FD + 5F

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Date of establishment August 5, 1993 (Heisei 5)

Date of merger December 12, 1994 (Heisei 6)

Fund of 21.1 million yen

Registered business name First-class architect office

Business content
Business Fields

1) Planning, research, surveying, design and supervision related to city planning, urban development, and regional development

2) Management planning and consultants related to the previous business plan

3) Design, construction and supervision of building work and civil engineering work

4) Park / green area planning, port planning, planning related to various transportation (road / railway / airport) planning,     Survey, surveying, design and supervision

5) Market research, planning of stores and offices, and consultants

6) Environmental research, analysis and research

7) Landscape planning, planning, surveying, surveying, and designing signs, outdoor advertisements, and internal signs.

8) Computer image production

9) Real estate sales, brokerage, leasing, supervision

10) Advertising design industry

11) Planning, planning and management of various events

12) Commercial design, industrial design, city planning, architecture, interior design

Publishing books and manufacturing, selling, importing and exporting goods

13) Commercial design, industrial design, city planning, architecture, interior design

Planning, planning and management of domestic and overseas inspections and training trips

14) Market research, planning, design and supervision of industrial design

15) All business incidental to all issues

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